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Welcome to the software section of this blog. Download free softwares ranging from Linux softwares antipishing softwares, media softwares, networking softwares, hacking softwares, window softwares and more.

And best of all you get all this for free! Enjoy

PacketTrap pt360 ToolSuite Pro
Free PacketTrap pt360 Tool Suite provides network monitoring and diagnostic tools in a single interface. Features are device discovery, Cisco Configurator, Switch Port Mapper, NetFlow Listener, TFTP server, SNMP, WMI, Port, DNS, Syslog, application monitoring.
Windows XP/Vista

EZDNSWatch will check and monitor your computers DNS settings to prevent them from being hijacked. EZDNSWatch also supports OpenDNS and allows one click configuration. OpenDNS is a free public DNS server that is guaranteed safe and also provides protection from phishing and other dangerous sites you might accidentally encounter while browsing the Internet

Cactus Spam Filter
Cactus Spam Filter is a spam blocker. It protects your inbox by learning to detect spam as it's being used. After a short while it has adapted to your personal mailbox and blocks out most of the junk e-mail. This spam stopper integrates seamlessly with all e-mail clients that use POP3 such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, IncrediMail, Foxmail, POP Peeper, Command Line POP Client and Phoenix Mail. After you have downloaded and installed it no more settings are required. No account setup and no POP proxies. Just start your favorite e-mail program and Cactus Spam Filter will instantly protect it.

IE Tweaker
IE Tweaker is a freebie that will help to fix various issues with Internet Explorer. IE Tweaker will be a great utility for those, who don't want to play with the Windows registry. IE Tweaker has multiple menu options, which caters you with 90+ tweaks, and fixes.

Web of Trust
Web of Trust is a free Internet security addon for your browser. It will keep you safe from online scams, identity theft, spyware, spam, viruses and unreliable shopping sites. WOT warns you before you interact with a risky website.
Windows XP/Vista, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox

Rapport detects and prevents Man-in-the-Browser, Man-in-the-middle, phishing, and other attacks launched directly against the user. The Rapport service includes a lightweight browser security plug-in, as well as cloud-based analysis and reporting services. The browser plug-in works with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

 Password Organizer

Uniblue Disk Rescue - latest version

DriverMax is a powerful free utility which helps you download, back up and restore the drivers installed on your Windows Vista or Windows XP computer and check if newer versions are available. Download all drivers from one place in just a few steps. 

Lammer Context Menu
Lammer Context Menu is an extension for Microsoft Windows Explorer that adds handy features like Copy Path, Explore Here, Command Prompt, Path Operations (Move, copy, delete based on advanced wildcards like: delete all folders matching "*\bin\obj"), Batch rename files, Search and Replace, Select all files in a folder by extension, Mount virtual drivers (aka subst), and Register/Unregister COM Modules (*.ocx, *.dll).

GamCat is a CD/DVD and folder catalogue written in Gambas. It uses sqlite3 server for the database. All dependencies but one are invoked during the installation of the package: you must install the gambas2-gb-db-sqlite3 package manually.

Networking on Linux right now is painful for the mobile desktop user, especially in comparison to other operating systems. You should never need to use the command line or configuration files to manage your network (unless you want to!); everything should "Just Work" as automatically as possible and intrude as little as possible into your workflow.

Moo0 ConnectionWatcher
Moo0 ConnectionWatcher lets you watch over any TCP/UDP connection from/to your PC. Using this software, you may discover which software sends/receives information with whom in detail such as the opponent address, port, total traffic, and duration of the connection.
Windows XP/Vista/7

Remote Process Explorer
Manage remote processes and control remote computers. Free for personal use, Remote Process Explorer replaces Windows Task Manager with a much more advanced version. Remote Process Explorer allows monitoring all local and remote processes through a single user interface, accessing vital information about processes such as Process ID, Parent PID, Priority, Handles, Threads in real-time. The product displays complete information about every local and remote process, including owner information, CPU time and memory consumption, or path to executable file.

Spiceworks IT Desktop
Spiceworks IT Desktop is a network inventory, monitoring, and help desk application designed, tested and used by 835,000 IT pros in nearly 200 countries. It takes minutes to install, has a friendly browser-based interface. It combines the features needed every day to a manage a network in a small or medium-sized business with up to 1,000 devices: inventory and report on your company's hardware and software assets automatically, monitor and troubleshoot the hardware and software on your network, run an IT Help Desk for your company that's easy to use (let users submit tickets via e-mail and automatically have their asset information). Spiceworks requires no agents to be installed and managed.

Universal Plug-and-Play Tester
UPnP Tester is an experimental tool which lists all the available devices compatible with the Universal Plug-and-Play protocol including Internet Gateway Devices (IGDs). As soon as the program starts, it searches for available devices then it updates the list as devices are plugged or unplugged. The status window displays miscellaneous notifications and the IP addresses as they are assigned.
Windows XP/Vista




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